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Today I turned in my masterpiece. I call it that because it took me at least 4 days to get it looking right. Maybe even longer. I was assinged the task of tracing a drop of blood from the heart to the right ankle. I started by making a huge trifolding poster of the heart and all of the veins and arteries leading into the lungs and back into the heart. Than Josh traced me onto 2 much larger trifolding that I joined together with masking tape. I completed my tast and even went on to include many more things than were asked, but I felt they were nessicary for all the credit Mr. Mann would be giving us. I SO enjoyied this project because it is by far the biggest craft I have ever completed on my own. I feel very proud of my work, though some things could still be made to look better. I had a lot of fun drawing and coloring, but more important, it really impressed my dad. and hes not easily impressed…. I hope all this work brings my grade up, but even if it doesnt, I had a blast talking with my dad about it and showing him that I can set goals and reach them.



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I would like to compare and contrast the differences between two distinct music styles, both singing about what they believe to be true love. One song with be Forever by As I lay Dying. They sing about what they think true love is and describe how it makes them feel. The other song will be Im in Love With a Stripper by T-Pain. He sings about his ideas of what true love is. His song mostly talks about the sexual and physical attrition behind his love.


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Recently a friend told me about a horribly terrifying story. It was about  a 9 year old girl in east canton that was attacked by three dogs. Two of the dogs were pit bulls, the other was a rottweiler. They ran upon her as she rode her bike peacefully in her driveway. They grabbed her and preceded to drag her flailing bod into the street.  Luckily, her  uncle was there t beat the dogs off with a stick. Her leg was devoured at the calf, her ankle chewed to the bone and her left arm badly torn up. This story was really hard for me to listen to. I notice as my (Rottweiler) puppy grows into a BIG dog, she is becoming more and more protective and aggressive. I cant imagine her attacking some little girl. Thank God he loves little kids and little dog! Everyone pray for this little girl. She i currently in FAIR condition and still in the hospital….

What a temper

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I was watching a show last week. it was about the world’s most shocking events. This certain story was about a high school wrestler wit a bad attitude. He was caught on tape gouginghis opponent’seyes! Somehow, he opponent wins the round. Extremely irate, he headbutts the referee. The short, pudgy man was instantly knocked unconscious. When they played the tape over in slow motion, I noticed that the high school’s head landed the majority of its impact on the ref’s small temple. Had the boy hit him any harder, he could have killed him! Reports say that the poor referee till suffers from chronic headaches and has a hard time with any bright lights.

I love my bro!

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Just 2 or 3 days ago i had to do my observations for my ethnography paper. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. many of the people that I talked to were very friendly. Though they were shy, they completly opened up to me when I began to ask them questions. I also really enjoyed seeing the look on my brother’s face when he saw me joking with all of his friends. Not everyone that I talked to wsa his friend, but some were. I tried to think outside of the box and interview all kinds of people. My family usually just lets my brother go to these gaming shops by himself because everyone thinks that the players are strange. I think (maybe) that my brother was happy to finally have me getting to know his friends (because Im the coolest sister ever!!). And of course my brother told me that all of his friends tease his about all of his hott sisters. talk about ackward!!! but it was really sweet and Im really happy i choose to do this topic.

I happened across an ethnography!

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Its about 330 a.m. and im watching tv. Im enthralledwith a movie called Street Thief. When i took a step back, i realized that im watching an ethnography on the lives of thieves and i had no idea! One man with a camera films as another man and his partner explain their emotions, strategies and stories. I wonder how this one camera man can be apart of this filming. Wouldnt that be considered illegal? No matter, he also interviews one inmate that was given 3 years for commercial burglary. (whatever that means…) I believe, however, that this ethnographer  is waaaay too into his research and has jumped the fine line between observer and participant. I feel fortunate that my ethnography report wont get me arrested. This show and how it was filmed is EXTREMELY interesting and i imagine that i will stay up the remained of my night watching it. I am very much enjoying this interviewing type of learning.

Wish I had….. Encouraging Words

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I think that I am slowly beginning to feel like there is a downside to being in the medical field. I love the human body, all its fancy names, and the terminology behind it. Ive never made the kinds of grades that Im making at South. In fact my mom even told me that my dad is “impressed”. (Strange for him). Knowing something about these names and body parts means that you understand operations. The ones like my boyfriend’s dad is having in the morning. He is going to have a section of his colon removed. everyone at Josh’s house is worried and somewhat superstitious. It makes me realize that all these questions about his well being cant be answered in medical books. I feel horrible knowing that if his colon isnt clean, he will gain an infection or that if the surgeon was off at all that maybe a small puncture to the stomach may influence an uproar of acidic content, maybe mixing with the blood, causing septic. But nothing I, or anyone else can say, will calm anyone’s nerves. So when does a doctor learn how to make someone feel better?? I’d like to know so I can take that class right now. Because right now, thats what we all need.